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Royal blue multilayered beads and Kundan necklace set

Regular Price: ₹2,900.00

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5 must-have jewellery pieces that are never going out of style

2019-05-20 11:31:03

Fashion trends come and go but some are just evergreen. No matter what the era is, they tend to stick through the years. Even though the western culture has largely influenced our fashion trends, the change in trends have majorly been dominated by the western clothes. What have always been evergreen are Indian traditional styles.


7 ways to organize your jewellery

2019-02-20 08:23:21

Seeing your jewellery tangled before you walk out of the door is probably one of the most irritating things! It is clear that every girl struggle to try and detangle their jewellery, but this seems to be a never ending problem.


Vintage Jewelry in Trend: Time to Raid Your Grandmother’s Jewelry Trunk

2019-02-12 11:12:44

Just like history loves to repeat itself, so do trends. From Kuji filter to games like Ludo vintage things are now recurring in the trend graph. Similarly, we have ethnic jewelry doing rounds in the trending market currently.


5 important things to keep in mind before buying bridal jewellery

2019-02-06 10:04:46

Indian weddings have always been a larger than life celebration with brides flaunting their best bridal looks. Buying a bridal lehenga is always on the top of every bride’s shopping list. Though shopping for bridal jewellery might have not been on the top priority list of a bride, it shouldn’t be the last one either.


Ring in this New Year with dazzling jewellery looks

2018-12-21 06:16:07

New Year is symbolic of all things new – new clothes, new footwear, new resolutions, and also new jewellery! With the festive mode setting in close by, we’re sure you’ve roughly finalized your New Year Bash outfit. If you’re wondering what jewellery to pair with it, we’re pleased to help you with this guide.


5 Necklace Designs to Check out This Wedding Season

2018-12-17 07:33:51

Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding. Be it her lehenga or her jewellery, on her D-Day she just wants every minute detail to be addressed. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event and a memory to cherish forever.

When it comes to jewellery selection for the wedding season, every bride wants to opt for a jewellery piece that is a perfect balance between elegance and sophistication. So, if you too are someone with no idea about what to get for your wedding trousseau, here we have listed down some of the most exemplary necklace pieces for the bride-to-be to adorn on her wedding day.


5 Ways to coordinate imitation jewellery with your outfit

2018-11-27 07:13:35

None of us is immune to the task of choosing the perfect outfit for an occasion. To make things a little more complex, consider the added feat of picking matching accessories. As perplexing as it may sound, we women spend approximately 100 minutes a week on finding the perfect pieces that do overall justice to our outfits! Intrigued, eh?

Jewellery can make or break your look. So when deciding on which pieces to adorn, why not make an informed decision? Here are 5 tips that’ll help you to coordinate imitation jewellery online with your outfit.


Minimalistic earrings to pair with your office outfits

2018-11-12 06:51:59

Tired of wearing the same dull work wear every day? Looking for ways to brighten up your work outfits? Well, one of the easiest ways to do this so is by adding a piece of jewellery to your regular outfits! And earrings are definitely the perfect pieces of jewellery to give your boring work wear a touch of style.

Not sure what pieces of earrings are minimalist yet elegant to be paired with your formal outfits? Well, read along to know about some of the most versatile pieces that are just the perfect match for your work attire and can be as well worn on a daily basis.


Must have jewellery pieces for the perfect Diwali look

2018-11-02 12:48:21

Diwali, the festival of lights, is officially the time of the year to sizzle and shine. Moreover, it is the time of the year to wear new attires, makeup and adorn beautiful pieces of jewellery. Besides, on Diwali, people worship Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered to be the Goddess of wealth. And thus, the trend of adorning beautiful jewellery!

With multiple jewellery designs and styles, it can be exasperating to find the best. Plus, if unaware of the latest trends you could feel out of place. If unsure of what will suit you or match your Diwali attire, check out these 5 versatile pieces of jewellery to get the perfect Diwali look.



5 types of silver oxidized jewellery to add to your collection

2018-10-26 06:49:46

Oxidized silver jewellery is one of the most trending pieces at the moment. Not only are these jewellery pieces contemporary and chic but also last a lifetime if taken care properly. For Bollywood to Hollywood, multiple celebrities have been spotted donning oxidized jewellery at major events. These jewellery pieces come in different shapes, sizes, patterns, lengths...meaning there’s one for all.



Here’s why kundan jewellery can never go out of style

2018-10-22 07:27:07

Ethnic kundan jewellery has seen a remarkable legacy across time and distance. Around the world, kundan jewellery which means ‘highly refined gold’ is regarded as resplendent, mesmerizing, and stately. Owing to its wide popularity, there are reasons why kundan jewellery can never go out of style. Some of the reasons are discussed below:



Sway the Durga Pooja festivities with royal imitation jewellery

2018-10-12 11:37:01

We adore imitation jewellery for endless reasons. It’s inexpensive, versatile, trendy, and classy in its own unique way. All festivals, customs, and traditions undeniably miss that sparkle and charm without the touch of imitation jewellery in India. And to sway the Durga Pooja festivities, here we spill the beans on how to decorate your closet so that you look nothing less than outstandingly beautiful.



Interesting Mobile Games For Women

2018-08-20 11:19:19

Unlike many several years ago, when people would use their mobile to call and text solely, today, you can use your mobile device to complete several tasks and play games. Maybe, you are already using it to play some of the popular games, but have you identified any of the interesting mobile games for women? Here are some of the games. Be ready to try them.


Does Pink Look Cool On Boys

2018-08-13 06:43:48

Did you know that pink is now a popular choice when it comes to men’s fashion. The point of view that people had several years ago, of pink being unmanly – has now died out. Therefore, you should change with the world too. Here are some of the facts about pink on boys.


Priyanka Chopra Unknown Facts

2018-07-18 17:19:01

Most people love Priyanka Chopra’s voice and fashion enthusiasts admire her choice of outfit. The former Miss World is currently a Bollywood star, international icon and recording artist. Most likely, she did not walk into the flick world to prove that she is second to no one. She is multitalented and versatile and only a few women can match the star quality. Today, we are talking about her lesser known facts. Here are they are:


Chilla: Anti-Rape women app

2018-07-09 06:15:56

To trigger the Chilla app, the user needs to tap the power button five times, scream or shout loudly. After the triggering process, the app sends a message containing the location. It also sends an email message with the audio recording and places a call automatically. Each time it detects a scream; the app automatically unlocks the phone and then automatically places a call to the most relevant person – mostly the guardian. The power button also works including when the mobile application is not on. READ MORE

Sacred Games: A Short Review

2018-07-06 07:16:27

Cast - Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Neeraj Kabi, Aamir Bashir, Pankaj Tripathi Netflix's first Hindi unique web arrangement Sacred Games is out and from the underlying couple of scenes, it can be securely said that the dramatization has every one of the components that make for a gorge commendable show. READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez Unknown Facts

2018-07-05 06:40:25

She had many nicknames before Before people nicknamed her “Jenny from the Block” and J. Lo, Lopez had many other nicknames. Her admiring teenage friends in Bronx had dubbed her “The Supernover.” People also called her the “La Guitarra” because her striking figure reminded them of the shape of a guitar.


Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Necklace for your Neckline

2018-06-12 12:32:21

Girls are well-versed with the struggle of finding the perfect necklace set that complements their outfit. In spite of owning dozens of them, we have a hard time deciding which one to put on. This is because, more often than not, they just seem to look out of place.

But hey! You don’t have to go on a guilt-trip for impulsively buying those exquisite neckpieces. We will walk you through the ways of how you can put on trendy necklaces that best suit your neckline. Read on and thank us later!


IPS D Roopa: A perfect inspiration for women who would like to join the civil service

2018-06-12 06:24:22

Firebrand police officer D Rooper Moudgil shot into the limelight after the release of her report on alleged preferential treatment to the jailed former AIADMK chief Sasikala, and now, she has become one of the inspirational figures for women who want to join the civil service. D Roopa once tweeted that her determination to fight black money and corruption in the country should be inspiring to anyone, including her enemies. READ MORE

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Diamond shaped Partywear danglers - White

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Multicolor crystal and zircon earrings

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Fashion leather rope layers bracelet

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Smart cuff bracelet

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Trendy cuff bracelet

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Exquisite neckpiece

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Trendy crown and bow charms bracelet - Maroon

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Icecream pendant with long necklace

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"I Love You to Pieces" Pendant

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" I Pick You " pendant

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