Jewellery is the accessory without which every woman feels incomplete. If you are one of those women who simply can’t feel ‘complete’ without pairing your outfit with right accessories, the office environment can be a nightmare. Here’s help!!


While choosing your jewellery for work, you need to keep it minimalistic yet it must enhance your look. Jewellery shouldn’t be the one that draws the attention of your colleague, off your work but instead adds elegance to your outfit. Investing in the right elegant pieces could as well help you to rock your day to night look. Here are 5 pieces that working women must have to pair with any outfit.


1. Studs


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend they say. One can never go wrong with a perfect set of diamond studs. Choosing the right kind of diamond stud earrings, either in silver or gold metal can work well to pair with everyday outfit. If diamonds are not your thing, single pearl studs with a delicate diamond setting in centre can be another great option! If you are not sure where you can find one, you can choose one from the range American Diamond Jewellery Online provides


2. Hoops


Every woman must invest in a pair of solid gold and silver hoops. They are a women’s go to wear jewellery. For office wear, it is preferable to stay away from large hoops as they may overwhelm your look. They can make any outfit look simply elegant and are perfect for days when you are heading for date straight from office or for late night parties.


3. Pendant necklaces/Long Chain necklaces


If you already don’t own one, it’s time to invest in one because they look absolutely perfect with anything, Indian or contemporary. Pick a short pendant necklace with a slim chain and it can go a long way highlighting those delicate collar bones or taking the attention away from your bulky shoulders. A long chain necklace on the other hand works as a statement piece for you outfit. Just pairing a simple and elegant piece of long chain necklace can help you to lift your entire look


4. Bracelet


If not a watch person, bracelets ought to be your thing. Pairing a bracelet to your outfit makes it look way better than going bare hand. A simple band bracelet goes well along with your formal outfit and adds elegance to your traditional wear. You can as well just emboss your bracelet with your name or someone specials to give it a personal touch. Charm bracelets are another great option one could use to blend in with their look.


5. Cocktail ring


You don’t need to be married or engaged to own that big rock. Cocktail rings can prove to be your ultimate accessory everyday. If not a diamond person you could go for a precious rock (gemstones) or something vintage. It does not need to be bulky or eye-catching, but a simple single stoned rock is enough to rock your contemporary look.


Now that you have the complete guidance on what accessories you need in order to rock your work wear, what are you waiting for? Go and try these pieces to look outstanding while handing your office. Let us know about how well these tips worked for you.



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