Most people love Priyanka Chopra’s voice and fashion enthusiasts admire her choice of outfit. The former Miss World is currently a Bollywood star, international icon and recording artist. Most likely, she did not walk into the flick world to prove that she is second to no one. She is multitalented and versatile and only a few women can match the star quality. Today, we are talking about her lesser known facts. Here are they are:


  1. Gerald Butler proposed to Priyanka Chopra


GlobertrotterPriyanka Chopra was seemingly the most desirable woman when Gerald Butler proposed to her. From her participation in almost all celebrity shows to her rumoured love affair with Nick Jonas, the star grabbed the news almost on a daily basis. While her fans waited for the Priyanka to say something about her relationship, something emerged that left her fans surprised.


To be specific, in the year 2009, Hollywood actor Gerald Butler who had made women go weak on their knees asked Priyanka out. Apparently, Butler travelled to India and Chopra hosted a party in his honour at her residence in Versova. Butler tried his best the entire evening to woo her. Finally, it was a kneeling joke, which burst Priyanka into laughter. In 2012, the actor joked about the proposal scenario, saying that he was single because he was still waiting for Priyanka. 


  1. The Sridevi Excellence award at the Jharkand International Film Festival


In 2018, the Jharkhand International Film Festival ended on a higher note. Priyanka Chopra obtained the Sridevi Excellence Award – her mother, Madhu Chopra, was there to receive it on her behalf. And in her video message, the actor thanked everyone for support, saying that she felt very honoured for the award. Mahesh Bhatt is also among the actors who received awards – he received the Milestone of Jharkhand policy award, provided by Akhilendra Mishra.

  1. Among the highly paid TV actors globally

Priyanka Chopra is currently among the highly paid actors of the world. She has already earned two People’s Choice Awards, which might have contributed to the higher earnings. On the most recent Forbes list, the star stood at the eighth position and her estimated earning stood at $10 million.


Priyanka is a big name worldwide; thanks to the American TV show “Quantico,” in which she is the lead actor. She donned the producer’s hat and backed the regional Indian cinema. She made her Hollywood debut with “Baywatch” in 2018. Speaking of her commitments to Indian work, she appeared in “JalGangaajal” in the year 2016, which was her last appearance.


  1. Priyanka Chopra spends highly on her beauty regimen


Priyanka Chopra is highly paid. But did you know how she spends part of her earnings? She uses a huge part of her earnings to maintain her good looks. Peepee reported that the actor spends around Rs.80, 000 per month on makeup and skin products alone. Reportedly, the global icon spends Rs.42, 000 on skincare products, which includes skin creams, foam cleansers, and eye concentrate to prevent development of wrinkles.


Her hair and makeup cost Rs.38, 400 approximately, which includes conditioners, shampoos, serums, packs and some other products. That should tell you that she spends a lot on the appearance to prevent faults.


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