Bewildered by the world of layered necklaces? It looks beautiful is the first word and having some command on fashion skills means you can enjoy wearing the layers around your neck. The layering necklaces have become highly popular now and women are moving towards small but multiple pieces to create a statement look. But, if you add a wrong combination, it may end with an identity crisis.

This year is about layering and the layered necklaces are high. It is worn over anything a cozy sweater, to long skirts. It offers a refined and unique look on any clothing. Go for a graduated effect with these tips and enjoy wearing layered necklaces artfully.

Mix Metals

Pair silver with silver and gold with gold says tradition. Now, you can overrule this tradition and mix the metals and create a sophisticated look. You can try a combo of silver and gold, gold and rose gold, or take a bold step to mix all three. Of course, while mixing metals, stick with neutral stones such as quartz, diamonds or white sapphires, as they go very well. But leave the gemstones out of this combo.

Ensure long and short combo

Layered necklaces are perfect when you make a combo of long and short types. Wear one or two short necklaces and add with a loop a longer chain, it will give a lengthening effect and also a cool vibe.


Wearing layered necklaces, you want to maintain a simple look, no problem. You can do this by wearing pieces that are evenly spaced out. It works well when you wear dainty but different necklaces. Start with a 16 inches piece and move up to 18, 20 and 22 inch. Avoid bulkier chains and stick to delicate, thin pieces in the same color or metal.

Have fun with colors

Colors are not meant only for clothes. You can try the same with jewelry as well. Purchase few pieces with gemstones that are different or have different materials and wear at once. Find gemstones in similar colors mix and match the few pieces to create a subtle look. Remember to stay away from same stone or color pieces wearing at a time, it may appear too matchy.

Balancing act

Maintaining a balancing act is inevitable. The style of wearing layered necklaces looks balanced when you wear simple studs or you can skip the earrings completely. Wear a simple chain bracelet or a single bangle. This will look interesting and in balance. On the other hand, if you add to your ear and hands, it will appear as though you are wearing all the jewelry you own.

Layered necklaces wearing are an art. Though, most may have those pieces and it may carry sentimental attachment as well, but many time either it may be too small or too big to wear. Layering necklaces wearing takes a bit of practice, so mastering the right proportions ensures you add instant style; the key is to mix varying lengths to have the effect.

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