Jennifer Lopez has been in the entertainment world for several years now – for over two decades. Within that time, she has made significant strides in her life. From recording the platinum records to dance hits and staring in many major films such as the 1997’s biopic “Selena,” nothing including age will stop her progress. However, here are some of the few facts you possibly did not know about Jennifer Lopez.




  1. Her favourite artists list consist of dancers and singers like herself


In one of the most recent interviews, Lopez said that she loves the good lyricists and she has always done that. According to her, several artists including Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Madona and Janet Jackson inspired her. She always loved the idea of mixing dance and music.




  1. Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of romantic comedies

Lopez’s filmography suggests that she loves great rom-com. J. Lo, as she is widely known, told Redbook that she has always enjoyed “When Harry Met Sally” because it actually shows both men and women exactly how they are when in relationships. She also loves “Prelude to a Kiss” because it is all about a man being in love with the soul of a woman and not the shell. That is what she has always wanted – someone to love her for her soul.




  1. She loves good practical jokes

When she appeared as the invitee on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” J. Lo pulled the hidden camera prank. Wearing the earpiece, and repeating everything Degeneres said, she wore a diva act and asked the interviewees things like whether her beauty is distracting and which of her songs are their favourites. Perhaps, you already know the J. Lo from “Jenny from the Block.”




  1. She had many nicknames before

Before people nicknamed her “Jenny from the Block” and J. Lo, Lopez had many other nicknames. Her admiring teenage friends in Bronx had dubbed her “The Supernover.” People also called her the “La Guitarra” because her striking figure reminded them of the shape of a guitar.



  1. To stay beautiful, J. Lo avoids cigarettes and booze

Throughout her life, Jennifer Lopez has remained active and has a number of stylists behind her looks. However, to maintain the “La Guitarra” shape, the singer (now approaching her fifties) avoids cigarettes and alcohol. She has severally spoken about the vices in public saying that they ruin the skin. That does not mean that during the celebratory toasts, she toasts with water. She actually toasts with alcohol and takes a sip. She does not drink a whole bottle.



  1. She has fallen twice on a national television

Maybe, one of the two falls was not serious. J. Lo tried to execute a high jump during “Louboutins” performance at the year 2009 American Music Awards. Things did not go as she had planned. She actually fell flat on her bottom. Even though she recovered faster, she could not help but make fun at herself when she appeared in the 2010 “Ellen”. Jennifer has established herself as one of the greatest dancers worldwide and most of her fans like that.


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