Firebrand police officer D Roopa Moudgil shot into the limelight after the release of her report on alleged preferential treatment to the jailed former AIADMK chief Sasikala, and now, she has become one of the inspirational figures for women who want to join the civil service. D Roopa once tweeted that her determination to fight black money and corruption in the country should be inspiring to anyone, including her enemies.

D Roopa’s profile

Roopa spent her early days in Davangare, Karnataka, where she was born and raised.And perhaps, you did not know that she has a widely known sister, Rohini, who currently works as an Income Tax Commissioner. Both her parents are civil servants, who highly encourage her to participate in extracurricular activities in addition to her study. From her early childhood, Roopa was a bright student.

Her education life

Roopa graduated from the AVK College Davanger, and people judged her Ms.Davangere mainly because of her sharp mind and the scintillating beauty. After her graduation, she possibly had no other option other than prepare for the Civil Services Examination. Luckily, in the first attempt she cracked UPSC CSE. Her UPSC All India Rank stood at 43. Roopa could have gotten the IAS easily, but she decided to give IPS as the first choice in the UPSC’s Detailed Application form. Actually, she chose to go for the IPS Officer position, when she was an NCC Cadet.

In history of Karnataka, Roopa is the first female IPS officer. In fact, she is a pride for the whole Karanataka state, not only in Davangere. Throughout her career life, Roopa has been a firm believer in honest work, and that might be what has helped her land in her current position. None of her records shows engagement in corrupt practises or wrongdoing.

Some of the things you did not know about her

Did you know that Roopa was behind the unexpected rise up of Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan. Roopa arrested the CM of Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti, a scenario that led to her resignation. BabuLal Gaur was appointed but did not hold the position for long. Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan replaced him.

Roopa is widely known for her perfect control of law and order. She is not only bold and beautiful; she is also bright. The qualities have made her the idol for teenage girls and most women aspiring to be civil servants in Karnataka.

The media has mostly concentrated on Roopa’s career life and her determination to end corruption. That is why, possibly, you do not know that she is a skilled Bharatnatyam dancer. The sharp shooter, we are still talking about Roopa, received the esteemed presidential award in the year 2016.

After her marriage to Munish Moudgil, she adopted the D. Roopa Moudgil. Munish Moudgil, an IAS officer, is from Jalandhar, Punjab. Speaking about their marriage, the two have lived happily for over 14 years. They are from two different religions, regions and speak different languages. Their marriage is a good example of the diversity prevailing in the Indian societies.

We at Romoch salute you for your honesty and boldness. Its truly an inspiration. It would be a great privilege to meet you once in life.

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