Unlike many several years ago, when people would use their mobile to call and text solely, today, you can use your mobile device to complete several tasks and play games. Maybe, you are already using it to play some of the popular games, but have you identified any of the interesting mobile games for women? Here are some of the games. Be ready to try them.



  1. Tetris

This is one of the games that I have played the largest number of times. Does that mean that it is addictive? No, but it means that you will never get bored with it. Start by installing it in your mobile phone and start playing each time you need to focus on something different from your work, kids, and partner and shopping. It helps you get out of your day-to-day life and focus on something new.



  1. Solitaire

Card games should also form an important part of your smartphone’s contents. You do not need a partner to start playing solitaire. Even more, it is very easy to understand and will serve as a wonderful distraction when you want to think about things outside your workstation or home. It will help you clear up your mind and start solving puzzles by placing your cards in the right way. Each time you do not get things right, quickly start another round. If the cards that come up do not please your eyes, click severally to get another round. Solitaire is both easy and fun.



  1. Silly Walks

There is something interesting about Silly Walks that will keep you going. In this game, you (a cocktail in pineapple) will have to rescue your fruit friends before they change into fruit smoothies. The game is delightfully clumsy. To put another foot down, you just need to tap the screen. You can unlock other avatars if you want and the pineapple rolls, lumbers, and wobbly gaits making straight lines a challenge when traversing the hazardous kitchens.



  1. Layton’s Mystery Journey

The mystery Journey of Layton sees Katrielle, Professor Layton’s daughter, take the mystery solver’s mantle and setting up her detective agency with help of a talking dog and her assistant. For women who like the style of mystery solving, clue-collecting, and the brain-teaser puzzles, the game offers many puzzles than ever. Expect minigames, daily puzzles and new stories. The game works on iOS and Android and goes for only Rs. 1,250 approximately.



  1. Monument Valley 2

Ustwo developed Monument Valley to provide wonderful unique experience to lovers of mobile gaming. The sequel could not hope to capture that again probably because Ken Wong, the designer moved on and does not duplicate the feel, and story of the first game.

 Monument Valley 2 mobile game has remained an enchanting world. It has several new characters and all you need to do is turn and twist the buildings to create new, solve puzzles and Escher-style path to get to higher levels. To start playing this game, you just need an iOS device. It currently retails at Rs. 350 approximately, and it has stood as one of the leading games.

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Editor - Ashhok Chawla