Girls are well-versed with the struggle of finding the perfect necklace set that complements their outfit. In spite of owning dozens of them, we have a hard time deciding which one to put on. This is because, more often than not, they just seem to look out of place.

But hey! You don’t have to go on a guilt-trip for impulsively buying those exquisite neckpieces. We will walk you through the ways of how you can put on trendy necklaces that best suit your neckline. Read on and thank us later!

Scoop neck/ Round neck

Both short and long chain necklace look great with a scoop/round neckline. Adjust the length of your short neckpiece so that it rests well on your collarbones, and ensure that the long one is not hitting right below your bust line.


A V-shaped necklace will furthermore flatter the V-neckline of your outfit. The symmetry will definitely grab eyeballs and you will look simply stunning! You can go with a single or a layered V-shaped neckpiece, depending upon what suits best with your outfit.

Halter neck

A halter neck top can be of two types, one with a plunging neckline, and the other with a closed neck. You can adorn a classy layered necklace or a long chain necklace with a pendant, on a plunging neckline halter neck top. It will not only enhance your décolletage but also make you look super stylish. However, the one with a closed neckline will look best when worn without any piece of trinket.

Square neck

An outfit with a square neckline looks very elegant, and pairing it with a chic neckpiece is sure to accentuate your glam quotient. Wear a choker or a short length necklace, or even sport them together for an elevated look.

Boat neck

Boat neck tops are simplistic, yet they never fail to mark an impression. You can rock a boat neck top by accessorizing it with a choker or even a long chain necklace or a layered necklace.


These are a girl’s go-to when she dresses for a party or an event. Undeniably super-hot, strapless tops are surely every girl’s favorite. You can choose to keep your neckline bare or adorn a choker or a short necklace for a subtly accessorized look.

Turtle neck

Turtle neck tops look quirky and formal at the same time. You automatically look more poised and scatter a no-nonsense vibe when you wear a turtle neck top. A simple chain with a tiny pendant is all you need to heighten your pulchritude and finish the look.


Off-shoulder tops have been à la mode this season, and we can say that they are here to stay. Rock an off-shoulder top with a classy choker piece to keep your look crisp and chic.

So, it’s time to sport those neckpieces that you have tucked away, assuming they are nothing more than mere misfits. Get playful and team them up with a suitable top to steal the show!

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