Did you know that pink is now a popular choice when it comes to men’s fashion. The point of view that people had several years ago, of pink being unmanly – has now died out. Therefore, you should change with the world too. Here are some of the facts about pink on boys.


  1. Pink allows men to appear masculine

Traditionally, pink is not a feminine colour. The Museum at the Fashion Institute Technology director, Valerie Steele, says that pink was very popular in the 18th century. Most men wore pink silk suits featuring floral embroideries. The outfits appeared very masculine in that age. According to Steele, people considered pink a “warlike colour” because it was a “flyspeck of red.” But as societies changed, people lost the thinking.

In the 1900s, people saw the first ever-pink dress shirt, which the Brooks Brothers designed. The shirt, which the designers made for female students, became more popular among college boys mainly because it suited their Ivy League appearance.


  1. Pink shows independence

If there are people to blame for pink changing into a girly colour is the clothing industry. Investors in the industry made the decision before all of us were born. Blue and pink were not gender-specific colours originally. Mothers did not care about the colours when buying clothes for their infants and accessories. That stopped after clothe designers in the 1960s and 1970s became greedy.

People started knowing the sex of their children from an early age and therefore most companies started capitalizing on introducing gender-specific clothes. That meant that women could no longer buy baby boy’s clothes for a baby girl or vice versa. They had to purchase another set. Therefore, blue became a boys’ colour and pink a girl’s colour.

But here is the argument – you are not a child anymore. You have outgrown the blue pyjamas and any other cloth that your parents chose for you. Wear what other guys wear… in the colours that work. The market offers pink trousers, shirts and ties for adult men.


  1. Pink will definitely catch the attention of women

Women adore pink and history shows that they have always loved it – even when people considered it masculine. Luckily, biology explains why they like it. Studies have shown that pink girl’s clothes and toys are caused by innate preferences. Amongst the individuals who like the blue colour, women go for reddish-purple hues while men go for greenish-yellow ones.

The society has evolved but biology rarely changes.  Women admire men in pink – some will even say that they love them, just because the pink colour attracts them. Therefore, you should consider the pink-is-girly believe nonsense. Pink will get you a woman.


  1. Pink helps men standout as more powerful

People have used pink to represent power for many years. People who participated in the 1991 New York Survivor race, sponsored by Susan G. Komen Foundation, ran in pink ribbons. One year later, the ribbon became the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month symbol.

Recently, a study that Cotton USA conducted showed that men who wore pink colour earned over $1,200 every year more than those who wore other colours. The study conducted in the year 2012 also showed that the men are likely to impress their female colleagues and work confidently.

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