Unless we improve the condition of women, there are no chances for world’s welfare. And I may ask, are you safe as a woman? The question might throw you of balance now, but the safety of women is among the most sensitive, profound and arguable subjects in the world at this particular moment.


As a woman, you need to be secure at work, at home, on the road and when hanging out with friends. The Chilla mobile app comes in handy in cases of misfortune. It is among the preventive measures you should adopt today.


How it works


The Chilla Anti Rape Women App is the first ever powerful app developed for personal safety. The app can easily detect the scream of a woman. It eliminates the need of unlocking a phone and opening any other app. The developers found that in case someone follows a woman/girl or teases her, she typically does not call out to police or parents and if the person attacks her, the app becomes useless. In such situations, scream is a natural reaction and women can get help if it is tapped.


To trigger the Chilla app, the user needs to tap the power button five times, scream or shout loudly. After the triggering process, the app sends a message containing the location. It also sends an email message with the audio recording and places a call automatically. Each time it detects a scream; the app automatically unlocks the phone and then automatically places a call to the most relevant person – mostly the guardian. The power button also works including when the mobile application is not on.


Chilla Anti Rape Women App works like a personal guardian angel for people in distress and goes an extra mile to ensure their personal safety. And if you are a man fearing for your safety, you can customize the app to match your needs.


Even more, the app comes in handy in cases of emergency. A quick example, in case of a heart attack, it sends a recording along with the victim’s location. It is also usable in cases of sudden thug attack or when the user’s personal safety is at a threat – the user can silently press the power button five times to send alerts.


The designers of this app made it to help women lead safe and free lives. It is a manifestation of the progress happening in the world of personal security. Some of the app’s key features include:


-          Can add several email addresses for email and several phone numbers for short message alerts

-          Can send messages and place calls automatically, including when the victim is in a zone without internet connectivity.

-          The user can set the automatic dial number as the local police phone number

-          It remembers the user’s last location

-          The user does not need to unlock the mobile phone during emergency situations

-          It does not track the user when she is not in danger

-          It is extremely small (2MB)

-          It is helpful in cases of rape, teasing, medical emergencies, sudden attack, panic attack and unknown threats.


The designer made the Chilla app to protect women against rapists and to help them lead a better life. You should install it today.


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Editor - Ashhok Chawla