This is a style of dressing inspired by comfortable flowing clothes, with a touch of vintage. Everything about a boho look is natural including the hair styles, make up and style of jewelry. The use of the boho chic as a phrase gained popularity after an Australian journalist used it to describe a look that appeared in vogue. That was over 10 years ago and today, it is an identity that stands out for its uniqueness. If you are interested in putting together some pieces in your closet that you can use to effectively express boho style, here are a few pointers to consider;


A boho look only makes use of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, suede, leather and fur. The items you pick should also be in natural colors which are popularly referred to as earth colors. White, brown, beige, green and orange are some of the colors to keep a keen eye on acquiring. Many environmentalists are hesitant on wearing fur but there are other similar looking clothing items made from faux which is also a natural fibre.


The boho look cannot be complete without a touch of lace, crotchet and embellishments mostly done by hand. These types of decorations are popular for dresses, hats, bags and tops. Other natural handmade accessories are embroideries, beads and fringes. It is easy to find your closet with heavily patterned clothes and bags with floral prints and checked prints. Just be sure to buy a few neutral style items to pair with.


If you have decided to pull a boho look, it is important to go all the way. Doing it hallway will not only make you look unkempt but it will also destroy the flow of the style making it something different. Wearing bracelets is a must and the more natural the material is the better for the overall look. Silver and wood are the most common types of bangles worn because they are relatively cheap and easy to access. Apart from the wrist, accessories are worn on the ankles, upper arms and neck.

Makeup and Hair

Boho makeup should be as neutral as possible such that the face appears natural. If you are not sure on the kind of makeup to use, your face in its flushed state should be able to offer some insight. The idea it to have your face with product that moisturizes and nourishes it but still prevents attracting undue attention to it. Straight hair is not natural so to achieve a natural look in the hair, preserve as much of the natural curl as possible.

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