None of us is immune to the task of choosing the perfect outfit for an occasion. To make things a little more complex, consider the added feat of picking matching accessories. As perplexing as it may sound, we women spend approximately 100 minutes a week on finding the perfect pieces that do overall justice to our outfits! Intrigued, eh?

Jewellery can make or break your look. So when deciding on which pieces to adorn, why not make an informed decision? Here are 5 tips that’ll help you to coordinate imitation jewellery online with your outfit.

1.  Consider the occasion

This is the first thing you would want to do. When dressing for a function, it is safe to parade some gorgeous tassel earrings, but when you’re off to work, rules change drastically. You wouldn’t want your danglers or bangles to distract you or the people around. So, light and muted charm bracelets fit the work environment. Another option would be to go for a statement watch. It’s classy, versatile, and also adds a spot of sophistication to your look.

2.  Emphasize on your face

You may be wearing the loveliest dress from H&M, but the first thing people will notice is your face. In order to make the right impression, follow our all-time favourite advice – invest in some sparkling stud earrings for women.Apart from being minimalist, they are magnificent to look at and also decorate your face with their simplistic splendor. Stacking a pair of diamond studs in your closet is seldom a bad idea.

3.  Focus on the print/fabric/heaviness of your outfit

If your outfit has bold prints on it, then you are better off in going for no-show accessories like simple rings, layered necklaces, or solid bracelets. Also, if the outfit is heavily embellished, wear minimum jewellery to balance the look. Talking about the fabric of the attire, pearl earrings go best with ruffles and net, silver looks best with cotton and khadi, and gold goes best with silk and satin.

4.  Pay attention to your skin tone

Nowadays, it’s not just important to harmonize jewellery with outfits. Rather, pro fashionistas today focus on highlighting their skin tones, too. Silver is one of the standard metals that go hand in glove with all skin tones. Yellow metals, green, and orange look wonderful on warm skin tones. Gold looks gorgeous on matte skin and darker hair. Contradictorily, white gold is the apt choice for people with a cool skin tone. Other colours that go well with cool skin tones are purple, blue, and red.

5.  Diamonds are your BFF

Frankly, there is no lady who is not captivated by the ethereal beauty of diamonds. They’re sleek, splendid, and supreme. The most exquisite part about diamonds is the way they polarize light into hues of VIBGYOR. This makes diamonds the most exceptional choice for wearing with any outfit. Whether it is a solitaire or a diamond pendant or diamond studs as mentioned above, they never fail to amaze anyone.Matching jewellery with outfits is not as difficult as it seems. Just keep the above tricks in mind and there you’ll be making a statement with your style and fashion choices.

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Divya Shetty