Just like history loves to repeat itself, so do trends. From Kuji filter to games like Ludo vintage things are now recurring in the trend graph. Similarly, we have ethnic jewelry doing rounds in the trending market currently. Ethnic or cultural jewelry possesses a magical quality that can transform a simple outfit from drab to a sophisticated one in an instant. A pair of beaded hoops or oxidized jewelry goes really well along with jeans and kurtis. Ethnic jewelry is no more restricted to festivities and special occasions. No more do you need to wait for special occasions to open your grandma’s archaic box of jewelry having ancient masterpieces. Romoch offers you all the latest trends just a click away.

Indian jewelry around the world has been described as elegant and extravagant. It has always been appraised for its sheer craftsmanship and detailed structure. One such form of jewelry is kundan jewelry, hailed for its stately and masterful crafting. Kundan jewelry is composed of different stones laid in gold and has coatings of metals and gemstones. Being one of the oldest forms of jewelry, it is a regular feature on actresses in Bollywood epics, an essential bride adornment and pride and joy of Indian women across demographics. The popularity of kundan jewelry was given a mainstream push when movies like Jodhaa Akbar and Ram Leela portrayed their leading women wearing mesmerizing kundan jewelry especially kundan earrings that set the screen on fire. Apart from complimenting bridal outfits, kundan jewelry goes really well with western outfits as well. Kundan jewellery depicts royalty but at the same time, gives you a classy and gorgeous look.

For those women who do not love diamonds, earrings are their best friend. They are a must have in anyone’s wardrobe. Earrings not only compliment the looks but also elevate the entire persona of a woman. Ethnic earrings are totally in vogue right now. These earrings add elegance and grace to a woman’s appearance. Precisely, jhumkas are a symbol of ethnic earrings. These are one of the oldest traditional earrings and have never really gone out of fashion. Prerequisite of a well decorated jewelry box, jhumka earrings are equally favorite amongst the young and old alike. A timeless piece of jewelry, jhumkas are available in different kinds. To name a few, silver oxide jhumkas, kashmiri jhumkas, diamond jhumkas, ear cuff jhumkas and hoop jhumkas. Be it your Monday morning office look or Sunday morning casual look or maybe even your special occasion look, jhumkas are a timeless piece of jewelry that can be paired with anything and everything. Romoch brings you handpicked exquisite types of jhumka earrings online that are currently trending.

A woman’s look is incomplete without accessories and with the current topping trends, it is necessary to have ethnic jewelry not just to stay updated with the trend but also to get the graceful and desired look. Romoch brings you an array of ethnic jewellery to choose from and helps you add the ‘Wonder’ in Wonderful.

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