The term statement jewelry is used all the time to describe looks and appearances of how different clothing pieces tie together. Statement jewelry is simply a jewelry piece that is attractive and eye catching. To make a statement with your jewelry, it has to be something that not every other person would have the guts to put on; it could be unique or bold though bright and oversized could also qualify. In most instances, a statement jewelry piece will be the first thing that people see when they look at you so it should be part of your signature look. Any type of outfit can be accentuated using jewelry but there are ways to make your jewelry to stand out.

Keep the outfit simple

If you are going to be wearing a chunky bracelet or necklace, the secret to looking fabulous in this type of statement jewelry it so wear simple clothes. If you wear an outfit that is too shiny or has complex patterns or prints, then the jewelry piece you wear will either be outdone or be competing for attention. Plain black or white outfit is the perfect base when you want to wear a colorful pendant. You can even wear other coordinated accessories to draw attention to the main piece.

Less is more

This is the basic rule of dressing up because if you have too many jewelry pieces, none of them will be able to stand out due to the competition amongst them. Unless you are skilled in mixing up statement pieces, just be content with wearing one piece at a time. When more than one piece is worn, creating space between them is the best way of balancing how they look.

Break the casual look

It is common to come across someone wearing a pair of jeans and a plain long sleeved shirt. On the other hand, this is a completely different look when there is a colorful necklace won over the plain shirt. This is how easy it is to turn a simple outfit into a statement. The idea is to create an initial feeling of amazement when people first lay their eyes on the look you have created. While it does not have to be necessarily costly, breaking the casual look using statement jewelry can work well will abstract and bold pieces.

Draw attention

Statement jewelry takes many forms but the end result is to draw attention to it. To catch the attention of anyone who sees a complete outfit, the use of color, material and style in jewelry can be used. A statement jewelry piece can be made of dull color but highly priced metal or be made from brightly colored cheap plastic for the same results.


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