Tired of wearing the same dull work wear every day? Looking for ways to brighten up your work outfits? Well, one of the easiest ways to do this so is by adding a piece of jewellery to your regular outfits! And earrings are definitely the perfect pieces of jewellery to give your boring work wear a touch of style.

Not sure what pieces of earrings are minimalist yet elegant to be paired with your formal outfits? Well, read along to know about some of the most versatile pieces that are just the perfect match for your work attire and can be as well worn on a daily basis.

1.  Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are basically the most versatile pieces that all girls can add to their collection. These statement earrings are a go-to-wear choice for most and are modest enough to be paired with your workwear.  As this is the most common style of stud earrings for women, you can easily find one for yourself in multiple shapes and sizes. Settle for a size that is perfect for your face shape and that accentuates your facial features.

2.  Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone earrings are another popular style of earrings apt to be paired with your work wear. Indulge in some precious stones and intricate designs and you can keep swaying the styles for a lifetime. As these earrings for women can be found in multiple colour stones, one can easily play with the colours and mix and match pieces to suit their style.

3.  Pearl Earrings

Apart from looking elegant and sophisticated, pearls are truly versatile in nature. From renowned entrepreneurs to women working in the corporate world, pearls have been one of the most donned pieces of jewellery by these women. You can opt for any type of pearl earrings as they are available in a variety of designs and some even come with stones and artificial diamonds studded around. Invest in a good quality pearl set, as these pieces can be a saviour for you in the long-run.

4.  Oxidized Earrings

Oxidized earrings are one of the recent and the most popular trends in the market. Instead of opting for the dangle earrings you can settle for small oxidized studs, which are appropriate to pair with your office approved traditional outfits. Not only do these earrings look stylish but will also add a touch of ethnicity to your ensemble.

5.  Stone Cuffs

With various celebrities donning ear cuffs at red carpets and events, these have definitely become the style of the moment. Although the huge cuff earrings won’t be appropriate for work wear, minimalistic cuffs studded in stones are other opulent pieces that can be aptly paired with your work wear. Not only do these look stunning but also you can find multiple designs that work best with your style.

With these simplistic yet elegant earring designs, dressing up for work won’t feel like a task anymore. You can always mix and match other pieces of jewellery like a pendant, a bracelet, etc. to add some extra glam to your everyday office looks.


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Divya Shetty