The corporate world is a bit more organized than the creative industry and this is evident from the type of jewelry worn by people from these two sectors. As the nature of your business become more formal, the rules for dressing and how much you should accessorize become more pronounced. Most organizations will give their employees a code of dressing with which to work by but many others have unspoken rules which must be upheld. Some people’s professions revolve around corporate, fashion and design and for those people what to wear comes automatically for the various hats they wear. For the rest of us however, there is need to understand where to draw the line between corporate formal and informal jewelry. While it is clearly known that jewelry adds a personal touch to any outfit, there must be rules for those in the corporate world. Keep away from diamonds and other precious stones during the day If you have a pair of diamond studs, then you may wear these to the office. What will look overly misplaced is wearing enormous statement earrings. If a necklace is small and lightly shiny then it will look gorgeous for the office but it will attract unnecessary attention if it is glittery. Keep away from noisy jewelry If you put on jewelry that announces your movement through the corridors in your work place, then the professionalism and seriousness of what you communicate is washed down by your colleagues’ diverted attention. Jewelry in the corporate circles is good enough to be seen but not to be heard. Before you step out of the house in the morning, sit at the table and type something while wearing your bungle; if it makes noise with each stroke, leave it at home for your personal life. Keep of gang cultures It is good to identify with music and cultures that appeal to you but there is a limit when it concerns the office. Even if you pull up your cuffs up to your wrists, a spiked wrist band is still going to make a peak when you least expect it. The worst you can do as a professional is to wear an item of jewelry that makes a client to second guess your abilities and morality even if it has nothing to do with the work you are doing for them. Sometimes when the rules regarding what kind of jewelry is appropriate are not clear, it is up to the employees to use their common sense. Watch how top management dresses, evaluate the caliber of clients you deal with and then decide what is appropriate.

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